A test center for Covid-19 has opened at Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport
  • A 24/7 facility
  • Results available in 60 to 120 minutes

  • PCR and antigen testing

  • Productive cooperation with public authorities towards the sustainable resumption of air travel


Belgrade, June 11, 2021 - A testing center for Covid-19 opens at Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport under the management of BELGRADE AIRPORT d.o.o a member of VINCI Airports’ network and in cooperation with the Government of Republic of Serbia and the Republic Health Insurance Fund (RHIF). Thanks to the test center, passengers departing and arriving to countries requiring a negative Covid-19 test, as well as all interested citizens and foreign citizens, can now be tested and get results at the airport itself, enabling safer and more efficient travel. 


Opened 24 hours a day, the testing center is located at Terminal 1 of Belgrade Airport and provides SARS-CoV-2 virus testing services, as follows:

  • Real-Time PCR test, with results available to the user via e-mail within 120 minutes of taking the swab;

  • Rapid test on the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, using rapid antigen tests, with results available to the user via e-mail within maximum 60 minutes of taking the swab;


Test results are issued bilingually, in Serbian and English, and sent to passengers by email. The test center also provides printing services, while access to test results is available only to authorized staff of the competent state institutions. It is important that all passengers are well acquainted with the updated, applicable regulations before traveling to the selected country since each country defines its own rules and requirements for entry and stays on its territory during the pandemic. The price of the tests is equivalent to the level prescribed by the state institutions for such tests in Serbia and amounts to 1,800 RSD for an antigen test and 6,000 RSD for a PCR test.


Payment for testing must be made prior to arriving at the registration point. Payment can also be made at the designated counter of the post office -"Post of Serbia" located on the ground floor of Terminal 1, every day of the week, 00-24h. Registration for testing is conducted at the registration point located near the payment counter or can be conducted electronically, through the official “e-Uprava” portal.


Passengers are asked to pay special attention to the time required for the processing and issuance of the results, thus from the moment of swabbing they have 120 minutes until the results of PCR test are delivered and 60 minutes until the results of antigen test arrive. All this is particularly important when planning the time of arrival at the airport before the scheduled time of departure, because in addition to the time required for payment, registration, testing, and issuance of PCR / antigen test results, it is necessary to plan enough time required for check-in and all other processes at the airport necessary for the realization of one’s flight.


" The company BELGRADE AIRPORT d.o.o, in cooperation with the competent health institutions, has organized testing at its location, as part of the project of organized testing at all border crossings of the Republic of Serbia, in order to further strengthen the existing health measures against COVID-19 implemented at the airport and provide a new service to customers, which greatly facilitates travel. Testing at airports certainly contributes to restoring confidence in travel safety and helps the aviation industry and the economy to gradually emerge from this crisis,” said Francois Berisot, company CEO.


Testing is performed by authorized state institutions, Institute of Public Health of Serbia Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut, Belgrade City Public Health Institute, Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums Torlak, Department of Biocides and Medical Ecology, University Clinical Center of Serbia, Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Directorate for National Reference Laboratories, Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade


The test center represents another key element of the preventive COVID-19 measures already in place within the VINCI Airports network, in particular as part of the health campaign "Protecting each other" for which Belgrade Airport has been awarded a certificate by Airport Council International (ACI). 




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