Change of Traffic regime at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

As part of the preparations for the upcoming works on the expansion and reconstruction of the terminal building and access roads, public and passenger traffic regime in front of the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will be changed from Wednesday, April 21.


According to the new regime, passenger vehicles will be redirected to a temporary traffic deviation near the end of the departure part of Terminal 2, passing through the local airport parking lot P3.


The change in the public transport regime means that the traffic for public transport vehicles will be moved from the public road in front of the terminal building, to the local airport parking P3. Nikola Tesla Airport bus stop is also being moved across the road from the old location in front of Terminal 1, to the new location of the existing local parking lot P3 in front of Terminal 2. The change of the public city transport regime refers to the change of the route of lines no. 72, 607, 860I, as well as line A1.


All works are visibly marked with adequate traffic signs.


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