Changes in the access to the airport terminal due to works on the reconstruction and modernization of roads and parking lots

Belgrade, November 19, 2021 - BELGRADE AIRPORT, a concessionaire of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and a member of VINCI Airports, has begun extensive reconstruction of the area in front of the terminal building, which includes the modernization of access roads and parking lots. These works are being carried out in parallel with extensive modernization of the entire airport.


The works include a complete reconfiguration, upgrade and improvement of the access road system in front of the passenger terminal, which will enable faster access and more efficient traffic flow for passengers and visitors, and increase capacities for short-term and long-term vehicle parking. The parking lots will be equipped with an LED lighting system, chargers for electric vehicles, with so-called Premium parking spaces included as well as additional parking spaces for passengers with reduced mobility. This will significantly improve service quality, comfort and accessibility. The works will be performed in phases, and it is expected that the access roads and parking lots at the Belgrade airport will get a new look at the end of 2022.


In the first phase of works, significant changes are planned in traffic and pedestrian flows. The entrance to the airport building will be enabled through Terminal 1, as the complete section in front of Terminal 2 is closed for traffic. The vehicles drop-off area for disembarking passengers (1 minute stop) is formed in the area of the existing parking lot, from where a pedestrian connection with Terminal 1 is available for all passengers. Change in the traffic regime for public transport and private vehicles is also applied, as the traffic regime when accessing parking lots has also changed. Two temporary bus stops have been established, one in the area of Terminal 1 (for passengers arriving at the airport by one of the public transport lines), and the other in the area of VIP / General Aviation Terminal (for passengers departing the airport by one of the public lines). The capacity of the parking lot in front of the airport building has been reduced, and passengers have at their disposal a public garage with a capacity of 514 parking spaces as well as the existing parking lot in the cargo terminal zone, with a capacity of almost 200 parking spaces.


The works do not affect the schedule and safety of air traffic. All changes due to the works are visibly marked, and the status of the works is available at our official website and will be regularly updated. Airport teams are fully committed to providing the best user experience during this period of transformation. BELGRADE AIRPORT would like to thank all passengers and visitors for their understanding and patience during the works and appeals to passengers to leave a little more time than usual and plan their arrival at the airport timely in accordance with the changed traffic and parking regime.



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