About the Concession

On March 22nd, 2018, VINCI Airports signed a 25-year concession contract with the Serbian government for Nikola Tesla Airport. The concession agreement covers financing, development through construction and reconstruction, maintenance and management of infrastructure. The new concessionaire took over the management of the airport’s operations on December 22, 2018.


Over the next 25 years, VINCI Airports will rely on its international experience and its global operator model, which has proven successful across the 40+ airports the company manages in three continents, to accelerate the development of Nikola Tesla Airport and make it the leading regional hub in the Balkans.


Development plans

VINCI Airports aims to improve airport operating conditions to enable airlines to offer new routes and increase airport traffic and connectivity, in line with Serbia’s economic growth potential.


The ambitious investment plans for the airport’s development, upgrading and renovation will amount to 732 million euros over the whole concession period.


The plans encompass:

  • An integrated terminal operations concept with increased capacity (extension and reorganization of the terminal, extension of the piers including the gallery) and a better overall setting within the terminal.
  • Airside works with additional aircraft stands, a new runway, new taxiways and rehabilitation of the existing runway.
  • Increased car parking capacity
  • Construction of new utilities and facilities such as a new waste water treatment plant and solar panels.


VINCI Airports will also capitalize on its substantial airport management and development expertise to improve the overall airport customer experience, notably by reorganizing and optimizing passenger flows and expanding retail areas, in order to transform Nikola Tesla Airport into a state-of-the-art terminal in terms of service quality.


VINCI Airports believes that at the end of the concession period Nikola Tesla Airport will be a different airport in every respect, from the look of the terminal to travelers’ comfort, passenger experience, quality of service, airline traffic and extra-aeronautical activities and — generally speaking — its visibility and importance in the Balkans region.


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