Passengers in transit through Belgrade

If you have a connecting flight at our airport, you need to confirm with your airline, when registering for the flight at the departing airport, whether you require to check-in again for the connecting flight.  If such is required, upon arriving to Belgrade, please report to the transfer counter (connecting flights transfer counter). 


From mid-2022, the OSS - One Stop Security -  procedure for transfer passengers is in effect which implies that passengers go through security check only once at the airport of departure.  If you are arriving from a country that is subject to the OSS procedure, you can enter the transit area directly, without undergoing the security screening check, and head to the transfer counter located between waiting rooms A1 and C1/C2.


If you are arriving from countries that are not subject to the OSS procedure, you must proceed to the first floor where 2 transfer counters are located.  After collecting your boarding pass, you go through the security screening and enter the transit area. 


Before departing for your trip, please enquire if you need transit visas.


If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or need special assistance during your travel, please notify the airline company or travel agency when booking your flight, and we will do our best to make your travel as comfortable as possible.


If you don’t need to check in again when you arrive in Belgrade, please follow the data related to the designated flight on the flight schedule monitors. While you're waiting for your flight, numerous facilities with different offers are at your disposal, for more information please visit the sections Restaurants, Bars, Shops.


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