Prohibited Items

It is forbidden to carry in the airport area and/or into the airplane the following items:

  • guns, firearms or other devices that discharge projectiles;
  • electric shock devices;
  • objects with sharp points or edges, tools, blunt objects;
  • explosives and incendiary substances and devices, as well as devices which may cause serious injuries or present security threat.


You can find more detailed information in the brochure.


Certain airline companies do not allow the transportation of devices and items with lithium-ion batteries neither in hand nor hold baggage (such as hover boards, mini-segways, and airwheels or luggage scooters).

Certain electronic devices that use lithium-ion batteries, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, may be accepted on the flight in hand baggage only, if they are turned off and if not charged during travel by plane.


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