Fast Lane

Less queuing, faster boarding


Fast Lane is the solution for those passengers who want to save their time to enjoy every moment at the airport, without rushing or queueing.

This is a priority channel, which allows getting to the passport control checkpoint faster and is only available to departing passengers.


Buy your voucher and keep moving with Fast Lane.


How can I get on the fast lane?

  • Buy your voucher at ticketing counter in Terminal ground floor. The price is 5€.

  • You'll receive the bar coded voucher.

  • To use the Fast Lane service, after collecting the voucher, show the boarding pass and the voucher to the airport staff before passport control.


Please note that, even though Fast Lane speeds up your arrival to the plane, by reducing queueing time, it does not replace or speed up the mandatory check-in, security screening or boarding procedures. Thus, it is always advisable that you plan time for these procedures.


Opening hours of ticketing counter: 04 a.m. – 07 p.m.


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