How to Check-in at the Airport

Airport check-in


Upon arrival at our airport, you can check in for your flight at the counters marked with the name and logo of your airline company. You can find information on the check-in counters for your flight on the flight information monitors placed around all terminals, as well as at the Information Desk located at Terminal 2.


Check-in counters open:

  • 120 minutes before the scheduled time of departure
  • 180 minutes before the scheduled time of departure for Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, New York and Tel Aviv


After the check-in procedure, you will be provided with a boarding pass and you can proceed to the indicated gate.

For your safety, each boarding pass is checked again prior to boarding an aircraft. Each passenger boarding an aircraft must have a boarding pass and personal ID with him, irrelevant of age.


Domestic flights Check-in

For more information please click here.


Self-service check-in


At Terminal 2, you can find ten self-service check-in counters where you can check in for the flight.

You can find more information about this service and detailed procedures from your airline company.


Online check-in


You can check in online, on your airline company website or upon arrival at our airport. At Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 ground floor, there are two spots with two computers with printers at each spot that can be used for web check-in and printing of your boarding pass.

Online check-in is time-limited and cannot be performed immediately before the flight.


Mobile phone check-in


You can check-in for your flight via your mobile phone. You can ask your airline company about this service and detailed procedures.


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