Nikola Tesla Airport is the largest airport in Serbia, handling 90% of cargo transport. The airport is equipped for transshipment and transport operations that use modern passenger and cargo aircrafts. It has airport equipment, vehicles and cargo trailers for transport of unit loads, pallets and containers, equipment for consolidation of cargo in aircraft holds, etc.


The cargo terminal for domestic and international traffic has a storage area of 5,500 m² and an annex of 2,500 m² that accommodate the Cargo Department’s operational services, forwarding agents’ offices and the Customs Administration.


The cargo is stored in our own 4,800 m2 warehouse (type A bonded warehouse). The warehouse is equipped with eight electric forklifts, three electric tractors, six manual pallet jacks and carts for transport of goods (bulk or pallets). Stored items are well-secured while the storage system is high-bay racking. The warehouse also has equipment for special cargo storage: nine cooling chambers with a total volume of 172 m³ and both plus and minus temperature regimes, as well as dedicated areas for storage of valuable shipments, live animals, radioactive materials, flammable liquids and other hazardous materials.


Shipping services


Nikola Tesla Airport Shipping Service offers:


  • shipping services
  • organization of air cargo transport by scheduled or charter flights
  • direct transfer of goods that arrive at Nikola Tesla Airport on flights of all carriers
  • transportation and storage in own bonded warehouse
  • notification of the recipient of receipt of goods
  • customs broking and release of goods in free circulation
  • customs brokerage for legal entities and persons
  • transport of goods from the airport to the recipient’s address within the territory of the Republic of Serbia or from the recipient’s address for exporting goods.


Nikola Tesla Airport Shipping Service contact:


(+381 64) 848 5276

(+381 11) 209 7193

[email protected]


Transport of live animals


Handling of live animals at Nikola Tesla Airport is consigned according to the terms and conditions of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – Live Animals Regulation. Each airline company more closely regulates and specifies the conditions and restrictions for the transportation of live animals, while every country sets its own terms for animal entry and transit.


You can find more details about the regulations and rules for non-commercial and commercial transport of live animals to Serbia on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Transportation of unaccompanied baggage


Handling of unaccompanied baggage at Nikola Tesla Airport is done through the Cargo Center.


Customers can take or send unaccompanied baggage through the Cargo Centre — personal belongings and moving items, which includes goods that are not of commercial (trade) nature.


For more information and services, please contact the Nikola Tesla Airport Shipping Service.


Transport of human remains


Human remains at Nikola Tesla Airport are handled via the cargo terminal (cargo center).


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