Reduced Mobility

Assistance provided at the airport


Upon arriving at our airport, contact the employee at the check-in desk of the selected airline or at the Information Service desk. Our staff will accompany you from the check-in counter until you board the plane, will wait for you upon disembarkation and help you complete all the procedures, and if you are transferring at Belgrade Airport, they will be at your service during the transfer.


Transport of battery-powered wheelchairs is possible upon obtaining a permission of the airline and depending on the type of battery and shall be carried out pursuant to the rules and regulations on the transport of dangerous goods by air, of which the passengers shall be duly notified by the selected airline.  


How to obtain such assistance?


If your mobility is reduced or you require special assistance while traveling, inform the airline or travel agency about such needs when booking the ticket or at least 48 hours prior to your flight. 


Getting to the airport



Passengers with reduced mobility can park their vehicles in carparks P2, Garage and Tesla parking (P11), and use buses containing an appropriate platform for the movement of passengers using wheelchairs.



In accordance with Department for Aviation transport security regulations, all passengers including those with reduced mobility and hidden disabilities will undergo a full screening process. Screening may include scanning and hand search, this will be carried out in a sensitive manner to meet the regulations and the needs of the client/passenger.


It will assist the process if customers advise Security staff of their personal requirements prior to the search commencing. Where appropriate, letters from medical practitioners should be made available to Security staff, this will facilitate the process. Private search room facilities will be made available on the passenger’s request. Passengers should bear in mind that a private search may, however, delay your journey. All items of personal equipment such as crutches, walking aids and wheelchairs will be subject to screening. 


Aids and wheelchairs will be subject to screening, this may include scanning and swabbing.


Mobility equipment 


Belgrade Airport can offer variety of equipment  to aid passengers with reduced mobility. Among other things, we have an ambu-lift (medical  lift) for boarding and disembarking passengers who are unable to use the stairs; platform for boarding/disembarking from the aircraft; vans for transporting passengers on maneuvering areas; wheelchairs with different technical characteristics (manual and electrically powered, as well as wheelchairs adapted to specific orthopedic injuries)


Service animals 


A certified guide/assistance dog, along with the corresponding documentation, must be leashed and muzzled. Please contact the selected airline for detailed information


How to complain?


Please submit your complain to the e-mail address : [email protected]


PRM helpline 


+381 64 84 85 424 (working hours: 9 am until 3 pm)


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