Belgrade airport shares summer travel tips ahead of a busy summer season

•    Record number of passengers welcomed at Belgrade airport, 20 % above 2019 volumes
•    A large choice of summer destinations with more than 120 routes served by Belgrade airport 
•    The airport takes all measures to facilitate passenger processes and shares specific “travel tips” 

Belgrade, 26 July 2023

This year, Belgrade airport, in parallel with major infrastructure works, is serving the largest traffic in its history, especially during this summer season. In the second quarter of 2023, the Belgrade airport served about 2 million passengers, 41 percent more than last year and a quarter more than in the same period of 2019. In the same period, 20,720 flights were recorded, i.e. 26 percent more than last year and 15 percent more than in the same period of 2019.

The airport expects a significant increase in the number of passengers in the coming weeks and advises passengers to follow the following travel recommendations to make their stay at the airport more comfortable during the busiest season of the year:

1. Check the status of your flight and arrive on time

Before leaving for the airport, double-check the conditions for travel to and from your destination and ensure that your documentation is correct and ready to check-in for your flight. Check with your chosen airline for the latest information about your flight, and we recommend arriving at the airport at least two hours before departure. In addition, take into account changes in traffic and passenger flows due to ongoing modernization, reconstruction and expansion of access roads and car parks.

2. Choose available car parks  according to your needs

The new Kiss & Fly zone is intended for a short-term free hold for disembarking passengers, lasting up to 5 minutes, and extends along the road next to the terminal building itself, allowing passenger and taxi vehicles direct access to the airport building. In front of the terminal, two new, modern central parking lots intended for short-term stay have been opened: Premium Parking P1, Parking P2, and Parking P3, intended for on-line parking space reservations, will be opened soon. A map of parking locations and information on the prices for using services at all parking lots are available here.

3. Have the necessary travel documents handy for passport control

For a faster passport control process, prepare your travel documents and airline ticket immediately before arriving at the counter. In the new central part of the terminal, the number of passport control counters for members of the border police has been increased to 16, compared to 12 at the old location. In the coming period, there will be an additional 6 counters available at the arrivals location.

4. Prepare for security and separate liquids from luggage

Before you get to the security checkpoint, we advise you to separate items such as your belt, watch, keys, wallet and jacket. Pack liquids, aerosols and cosmetics up to 100ml separately in a transparent plastic bag with a zipper with a maximum total of 1l per passenger, and separate them from hand luggage. We remind you that liquids over 100 ml are not allowed in hand luggage, except for medical supplies and food for children. There are currently 6 passenger and baggage screening lines, with state-of-the-art technology that allows electrical devices to remain in hand luggage during screening, speeding up the process and saving time. In the following period, a total of 12 lines are planned in this zone.

5. Delayed baggage

Due to the highly dynamic summer season with increased traffic and flight delays at all airports there are more cases of delayed baggage, especially baggage in connection that arrive too late for their connecting flights. All the relevant services at our airport as well as the airlines are engaged 24/7 to locate and deliver the undelivered baggage. We advise that the most important things be carried in hand luggage (phone chargers, medicines, personal hygiene accessories), and that checked luggage be clearly marked with the passenger's contact information. More details available here.

6. We are here to help

The hiring of additional staff began at the beginning of the year, and for the summer season alone, more than 350 colleagues were hired to support the reception of passengers and flights, while more than 100 people are in the process of being hired. All airport employees, along with other members of the airport community, are always focused on providing maximum support to passengers, especially during this period of record traffic.


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