VINCI Airports – Traffic at 30 June 2023
  • Traffic continued to improve in Q2 2023 (24.1% above Q2 2022, 6.7% below Q2 2019)
  • Excluding Asia, traffic was back at its 2019 level in May and June
  • Passenger numbers remain very high in Portugal, Serbia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica


Nanterre, 18 July 2023


Unless stated otherwise, all variations in following paragraphs refer to traffic levels in Q2 2023 as compared to the same period in 2019. 

Over 67 million passengers travelled through VINCI Airports’ network in Q2 2023 (6.7% fewer than in Q2 2019). Demand remained buoyant, seat capacity increased to meet it, and as a result traffic – excluding Asia – climbed back to its pre-crisis level in May. Some airports in Europe and the Americas are seeing their highest ever passenger numbers, which in some cases are considerably above those in 2019.


Traffic in Q2 2023 was significantly higher than in 2019 at all airports in Portugal, and in particular at Porto and Funchal (Madeira). Domestic services and flights to and from other large European cities were especially busy. Several airlines including Ryanair, easyJet and SATA substantially increased capacity while load factors remained high and on an upward trend (85.8% on average, 1.6 points higher than in 2019), mirroring the strong demand. At the airport in Belgrade, traffic stabilised more than 20% above its 2019 level, buoyed by very strong demand for regional services (to and from Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Balkans). Traffic growth also diversified with new routes operated by Air Serbia (which added 8 in May including several to Italy, Greece and Poland and one to Chicago) and Wizz Air. 


In Mexico, the strong momentum at OMA airports reflects the sharp increase in capacity from the four main airlines there, namely Viva Aerobus (up 83%), Volaris (up 17%), Aeroméxico (up 37%) and American Airlines (up 70%). Demand for flights remains very vigorous on domestic routes as well as international ones (to and from the United States). Demand is also energetic in the Dominican Republic, where services to the East Coast of the United States (New York and Orlando) are growing, and in Costa Rica, where the decision to continue to operate some winter flights in the spring led to very good results in April, May and June. 


Traffic continued to grow at London Gatwick, where easyJet, TUI and Wizz Air have extensively enhanced their flight schedules. Flights to and from Dubai, Portugal and Turkey were in particularly high demand. Traffic also rose sharply at Belfast, where it is now very close to its pre-crisis levels, and Santiago de Chile, where domestic traffic increased 6.5% in June. 


In Japan, international traffic increased substantially, especially on regional flights (Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan). Flights to China are gradually restarting in VINCI Airports’ Asian network, but capacity remains below its pre-crisis levels at this point.


More information about VINCI Airports traffic can be provided here.


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