Their passion? Photographing planes - VINCI Airports opens its doors to aviation enthusiasts for a unique experience

400 enthusiasts across the world to attend VINCI Airports’ Spotters Day 2019 this week-end

Nearly 400 aviation and photo enthusiasts who roam the world’s airports and actively share their passion on social networks, also called “Spotters”, will benefit from a unique opportunity this week-end on the occasion of the 2nd edition of VINCI Airports’ Spotters Day: go behind the scenes in airports to take exclusive pictures.

This year, VINCI Airports wants to bring forward the international dimension of the community of enthusiasts that crosses borders. Operating the most international and diversified network of the industry, VINCI Airports will mobilize 10 out of the 12 countries of its network: Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Japan, Portugal, Serbia and the United Kingdom. After the success of its first edition in 2018, which gathered 200 Spotters in 8 countries of the network, VINCI Airports will further encourage creativity and sharing between participants this year through the organization of an international photo competition.

By sharing their experience and best shots on social media, Spotters promote the magic of aviation and the positive contribution of airports within the territories. VINCI Airports’ Spotters Day also aims at showcasing the wide range of expertise and technical know-how at play to operate airports on a daily basis.

Anne Le Bour, Director of Communications and Innovation at VINCI Concessions and VINCI Airports, commented: “For us, airports are more than just infrastructure, they are a place to share, experience and meet. From Costa Rica to Portugal through Japan, the Spotters' passion highlights the many areas of expertise of those who, behind the scenes, operate airports every day. It is with great pride that we are opening our doors to the Spotters again this year so that they can discover and share the specificities of each of the airports in our network.”

First Spotters Day at Belgrade airport hosted almost 40 spotters.

Dejan Milinkovic, spotter said:

"The idea is great, it's good that Spotters Day is organized in Belgrade. This is a nice opportunity to share an experience and enjoy our hobby, as well as to draw attention to a hobby that is not too popular in Serbia. A day at Belgrade Airport certainly shows that the conditions for spotters have improved. A little goodwill is enough. I would like to thank the organizers for the realization of this great idea.”

Uros Mitrović, spotter said:

“It is significant that Belgrade Airport has recognized a group of aviation enthusiasts to whom events like this are important. We are able to get close enough to planes and that is the most beautiful part of this day.”


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